3D Printing:

Three-dimensional printing (3D Printing); Although it has many different definitions, it is the transformation of an object designed in virtual form (digital) into a solid model with the layered production technique.

Wide Format Digital Printing:

Wide-format digital printing is done by machines that are generally used for commercial purposes and have standardized print sizes. The printing type, whose name can also be used as large format printing, is produced by machines with a larger width than the standard. Wide format digital printing categories; wallpaper prints, facade cladding prints, event announcement posters and billboards, stand system prints, posters and announcements, signs.

Screen Printing:

It is a method of transferring the ink to the printing material by passing it through the embroidered areas of the silk molds with the help of a scraper. The printing made on a machine by moving the paint through a sieve called a squeegee is called serigraphy. In this way, the transition to the material to be printed is provided and creates a visual.

Textile Printing:

Printing or printing is the process of regionally coloring the textile material with one color or various colors. Textile printing technique actually consists of coloring a certain area of the textile surface or abrasion of the dyestuff in this area.

Box Letter:

They are advertising / promotional units consisting of letters or numbers that can be mounted separately.

Promotional Materials:

Persons or companies make materials with their names or company logos printed in order to reach more people with their names or company names and distribute these products for gift purposes. These distributed products are called promotional materials.


Car Wrapping:

In particular, the vehicle; Vehicle Covering is the process of coating the body sheet (color change) with foil without having the paint process on the body of the vehicle owners who are not satisfied with the color, appearance, design, design or who want innovation for their personal taste.

Printing, Graphics, Pattern Software Products:

They are advertising signs that can be seen from the outside of the building, created by painting the glass graphics fixed on the interior or exterior surfaces of the windows or directly painting the glass surfaces. They are advertisement and promotion applications applied to the floor by using special materials in public areas (building entrances, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc.).


Led screen ads are advertising and promotional applications made using decorative light emitting diodes. Leds can be used in illuminated panels, signs and signs. They are billboards that are illuminated from outside by using external light sources such as projectors, etc., that are produced without light, or that internal lighting is provided with lighting elements such as fluorescent, neon, led, etc. included in the product.

Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers:

Companies working in the field of machinery and material production and supply in the industrial advertising sector are also participating in the show as exhibitors and visitors.